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High Availability Cluster (HA Cluster)

HA clusters prevent outages of business critical applications. Essentially, there are two approaches to high availability:

  • Active/active cluster
  • Active/passive cluster

The diagram above illustrates the concept of an active/passive cluster.

  • One computer acts as an active node. All tasks - including reception, sending and storage of data - are handled by this computer.
  • The other computer assumes the role of the passive node. During normal operation, it only checks if the active node is running and providing all services.
  • The two nodes use a common data storage (shared data active/passive). This way, the passive node has always access to the same data as the active node. Any changes made to the data are available instantly.
  • In the event of a failure of the active node, the passive node takes over the services of the active node. Operations are resumed from the exact same state that the active node failed.

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